Anchorage points in accordance with EN 795 - fall protection for flat roofs & Co.

ABS Safety anchorage points offer workers reliable fall protection when working at heights - on flat roofs, facades and in a broad range of industrial and technical applications. Our ABS-Lock anchors offer users an anchorage device (AD) to which they can attach their personal fall protection equipment (PPE) - enabling them to carry out their work safely next to a precipitous edge - at any height. All ABS Safety anchorage devices are manufactured at our German headquarters and are made of robust stainless steel.

Anchors designed as individual fall arrest solutions in combination with PPE

An individual anchorage point in accordance with EN 795 is an integral part of a PPE fall protection kit - often used on a roof surface. Using a so-called lanyard (retaining cable), the user links the anchorage eyelet of the anchor up to the safety harness he/she is wearing to create a sturdy and reliable connection. Once firmly roped up, the user can use this individual safety system either as an arresting or retention solution. Generally, a retention system is to be given preference as this actually prevents falls: In this case, the lanyard is shortened so as to ensure that the user cannot step over the edge - for example, on a flat roof or protrusion. Quite often the access route is either too narrow or so close to the edge that the system can only be deployed as an arresting solution. In such cases, our products ensure a safe footing - on almost any type of subsurface. Products are available for concrete, wood, steel girders, trapezoidal sheeting and many more materials.

Anchors for pitched and flat roofs

Anchorage points are typically used on roofs and facades: Roofers, window cleaners & Co. can use an anchor anywhere where there is no guard rail or scaffolding to provide collective protection. The use of several anchorage devices allows you to realise a safety system that protects individuals across your whole surface. It is particularly important to install additional anchorage points in the corners to avoid the risk of swing falls. Our website includes practical tips on how to plan and install your individual anchorage points correctly. We would be happy to support you personally and help you to plan your fall arrest solution.

ABS-Lock Anchorage points: Standard-compliant fall arrest solutions

Our individual anchorage points (anchors) are all tested and labelled according to EN 795. Many of our anchorage devices have also been approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) and are labelled with the respective Ü sign. The national technical approval (abZ), including a list of all our approved systems, is available for review on our respective product pages. All the most important information has also been laser-etched onto our products using a weather-resistant technique. This label provides information on the manufacturer, product name, maximum number of users and standards tested - and may also include information on further approvals. In addition, each anchorage point bears an individual serial number which allows you to establish where this is detailed in the prescribed installation and maintenance documentation.

Fusible, screwable, weighed down using their own weight

A wide selection of different ABS-Lock anchorage point models is available. Whether you are using wood, concrete, metal or bitumen - our fall arrest solutions can be reliably installed using our special installation techniques.  Many of our products already come with the required installation materials. Of course, we also alternatively offer products that can, for example, be weighed down and subtly integrated into your green roof environment. One thing nearly all of our ABS Safety fall arrest solutions have in common: The supports are made of a special steel material that buckles in the case of a fall, thus minimising the lever force. Through dispersing the force through the subsurface in this manner, our systems can even be installed on aluminium and bitumen roof surfaces.

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Übersicht der ABS Anschlagpunkte - Sekuranten

Beispiel Anschlagpunktverteilung zur Absturzsicherung auf Flachdach
Dachhaken auf einem Steildach zur Absturzsicherung als Leiterhaken eingesetzt
ABS-Lock Falz IV installed on a metal seam roof
Worker secured at fall protection anchor ABS-Lock X-Solar during maintenance