About the company ABS Safety GmbH

Luftaufnahme (Stand: 2012) des ABS Safety Geländes am Gewerbering 3 in Kevelaer
Luftaufnahme (Stand: 2012) des ABS Safety Geländes am Gewerbering 3 in Kevelaer

The systematic approach

ABS Safety GmbH

We at ABS Safety GmbH specialize in the field of fall arrest systems for individuals. We are your competent partner when it comes to development and production, planning, sales, installation and customer service. Our products are innovative new developments, manufactured in accordance with the latest production techniques and standards - most of which are patented or protected designs. 

Our latest developments can be implemented virtually anywhere where there is a high fall potential, e.g. roofs, windows, facades, large machines, crane ways, maintenance halls for trains, buses, planes - and in a multitude of other situations. As a result of being a member of the standards committee and the possibilities we have of performing professional analyses, our company has become a real trend-setter in the fall arrest field. We are able to offer our customers special and complex solutions even on difficult surfaces, such as trapezoidal sheeting, wood and pumice. As a result of our own continuous controls and monitoring by the DEKRA Exam test institute, we are able to offer top quality and achieve the highest safety performance levels at a fair price. Why not test us!

The Allianz Arena in Munich, the Airbus halls in Hamburg and the Cologne Exhibition hall are just a few of the projects where our anchorage points are making a major contribution to your safety.