Social Commitment

We are involved in local and international charities

Pressebild von Plan Deutschland - Soziales Engagement

Social Commitment

As a family owned business, we value our roots. Our company was founded and has been growing in the Lower Rhine Area. Our employees commitment made our companies success possible. This is why we like to share our success with the people in the region. We support local sports clubs as well as caritable institutions such and we like to award service contracts within our neighborhood.

But social responsibility does not end at our front door. As a global player, we try to help people, where the biggest needs are. We therefore support various international charities. Besides we support the following projects:

Pressebild von Plan Deutschland - Soziales Engagement

Plan International Germany e.V.

Plan International Germany e.V. is an international children´s organization that works in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With sponsorships, Plan strengthens girls and boys in order to improve long-term programs and projects in their living environment.

Therefore, we take care of a sponsorship for each of our employees through Plan International Germany e.V.

Pressebild von NABU - Soziales Engagement

NABU Germany

ABS Safety is a member of the Wildlife Protection Society of Germany (NABU) e.v. NABU wants to inspire people to stand up for nature by joint actions.

Pressebild von I.S.A.R. Germany - Soziales Engagement

I.S.A.R. Germany

The relief agency I.S.A.R. Germany sends medical personnel and trained rescue workers in conflict areas around the world.