PPE User Training in accordance with DGUV Rule 112-198

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PPE User-Training

Our training is related to our german customers, but please don´t hesitate to contact our trainings employee Sebastian Klenke.

Personal fall protection equipment (PPE) is designed to protect workers from lethal accidents. It may only be used by individuals who have received special training in how to use it - training which needs to be repeated at least once a year. This is set down in DGUV rule 1 of the Regulation for the Prevention of Accidents (Section 4) and DGUV rule 112-198.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for ensuring that their employees are regularly trained in how to use PPE equipment. To cut the amount of time you need to invest to a minimum, we offer a comprehensive range of training courses in accordance with DGUV rule 112-198. We supply you with a sound theoretical background backed up with plenty of hands-on practical exercises.

Theory section:

  • National health and safety rules and provisions
  • Different types of personal fall protection equipment (PPE)
  • PPE storage and maintenance
  • Materials science
  • Dangers through wrong usage
  • Fall physics (fall factors, force exerted on the body etc.)
  • Suspension trauma - risks

Practical exercises:

  • Correct application of a safety harness
  • Suspension test
  • Rescue exercise (assuming the local conditions are suitable)

We would also be happy to carry out user training on your company premises.

Simply contact our head trainer, Sebastian Klenke, to arrange a date.

Offsite training:

  • Administration fee: 990€
  • Plus 0.85€ per km of travel

Inhouse training (ABS Safety training room):

  • 149€ per person
  • Minimum No. of participants: 5
  • For groups of 6 or more people, please contact Sebastian Klenke for an individual quote

We would be pleased to draw up a general training agreement to cater for your individual needs!