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ETA - European Technical Assessment

"ETA" stands for European Technical Assessment (approval) which is issued by the German Institute for Technology (DIBt) and others based on the German Construction Products Regulation.

An ETA certificate serves as proof of technical performance for those construction products that are not covered, resp. not fully covered, by a harmonised standard. This certificate is valid in all the EU Member States, as provided for in the Construction Products Regulation. A CE label may be attached to products for which an ETA has been awarded.

Why do you need an ETA for your anchorage devices?

Due to the current lack of a standard for permanently-installed anchorage devices (please refer to our Glossary entry: "EN 795"), an alternative approval method is required. The ETA approval process facilitates the approval and distribution of anchorage devices designed to be permanently installed on a building structure.

What is the difference between national technical approval (“abZ”) and an “ETA”?

Both approval options govern the approval of construction products for which no (harmonised) standard currently exists. The most important difference is where the approvals apply and their respective labelling.

National technical approval (“abZ”)

An “abZ” is only valid in Germany and is identified using a "Ü symbol” (please refer to our Glossary entry: "abZ")

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

An ETA is recognized in all the EU Member States, as well as in Switzerland and Turkey. A CE label may be attached to products for which an ETA has been awarded.

Which approval is better?

It is not a question of which is better or worse - both are ranked the same. However, an ETA has a slight advantage in that the familiar CE label can be used and that it is valid throughout Europe.

The Ü-sign is not so well known and only applies to Germany.

Conclusion: Within Germany, it makes no difference whether the product bears a CE label or a Ü symbol. Only when we are looking outside Germany, does an ETA score extra points.

When using construction products, there is also another special factor to be aware of

If you intend to use a product with either an ETA or national technical approval, you might additionally require a project-related type approval.
Please click here for more information: (please refer to our Glossary entry: "general type approval")

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