DGUV - German statutory accident insurance

Anchorage device documentation

When installing or servicing fall arrest systems, there is a general obligation to document your activities. One reason why this documentation is necessary is that it is often no longer possible to see how a anchorage device was installed in arrears. This is also the reason why creating photographic documentation is an integral part of the documentation process. In addition, this documentation can also be used as proof vis-à-vis the contracting party.

Documentation requirements

The installation documentation must include certain key data, such as the manufacturer of the anchorage devices, the installation company and the technician who carried out the installation work, exact descriptions of the installed products and details on how these were attached to the subsurface. In order to ensure that the fall arrest system is used safely, a detailed plan showing exactly where all the anchorage devices are installed, also needs to be compiled. Information on the requirements pertaining to your installation documentation, resp. which information this documentation needs to contain as a minimum, can be found in DGUV Publication 201-056.

Importance for your annual inspections and maintenance tasks

Anchorage devices must be inspected at least once every 12 months. These inspections may normally only be carried out by a specialist who has been accordingly certified by the manufacturer. It is extremely important to ensure that a complete set of installation documentation is available when inspections are carried out. If this is missing, or if an anchorage device can no longer be identified, this system must be taken out of service. Quite often it may even need to be placed. Irrespective of the outcome, the inspections themselves must also be properly documented.

Who is responsible for compiling the documentation?

When an anchorage device is installed, it is the responsibility of the installation technician to compile the installation documentation. Frequently, a team is tasked with installing anchorage equipment. In this case, the supervisor - or someone with similar authority - bears responsibility.

Within the scope of an inspection, the specialist carrying out the inspection is under obligation to draw up the inspection log (maintenance documentation).

Formal specifications

The German statutory accident insurance association (DGUV) provides templates for creating a seamless set of documentation.

We also offer our customers a more modern solution which they can use free of charge: Lock Book Docu  This app allows you to compile and manage your installation and maintenance documentation easily and in a digital format. You can also review all the data any time you want. Furthermore, any documentation created using our ABS-Lock Book tool is guaranteed to meet all the requirements - ensuring that you are always on the safe side.