DGUV - German statutory accident insurance

DGUV Principle 312-001


"This principle describes the requirements pertaining to the training of individuals who use personal fall protection equipment (PPE) as a retention, positioning or arresting solution, resp. who are involved in the use of rescue equipment, in the course of performing their professional tasks. In addition, it describes the requirements pertaining to the type and content of the training sessions as well as to the instructors, resp. trainers concerned." (1 - Scope)

The descriptions found in this article have been put together in a condensed form and are merely intended to provide a general overview. Please refer to DGUV Principle 312-001 for exact details.

Requirements pertaining to trainers

Anyone wishing to provide training in the PPE or rescue equipment area must fulfill the following requirements.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Mentally suitable and of appropriate character
  • Physically suitable
  • Trained as a first aider

General conditions for carrying out practical exercises

The training must incorporate practical exercises. These practical exercises must be carried out under consideration of the workplace concerned, resp. under comparable working and operating conditions. When conducting the exercises, the number one priority is to ensure the safety of the participants.

  • Rescue concept for carrying out the practical exercises
  • During the exercises, a second, independent safety system must also be used
  • The exercises must be carried out in appropriately-sized groups
  • Those systems and components that will used later on must be available for practising with
  • There are also many more points to consider

As your partner, we would be happy to help you implement your training agenda. Our Training Team is looking forward to receiving your enquiry and will be glad to help you with your practical training measures. Training can either take place on your premises and using your own equipment or at our training facilities in the Lower Rhine region.