General terms

Flat roof safety system

A flat roof safety system is a collective term for a range of different measures aimed at preventing falls from a roof surface. Flat roof safety systems include both individual and collective protection measures that do not require the use of personal protective equipment, i.e. for example, side protection in the shape of scaffolding or a guard rail.

Scaffolding and guard rails

In practice, the term “flat roof safety system” is usually used to describe scaffolding or other side protection solutions. These include both temporary and permanently installed guard rails.

Whilst scaffolding is only used during the construction phase, a guard rail can be used as a mobile solution - either using its own weight to weigh it down or permanently installed on the subsurface. Modern solutions offer alternative approaches, for example fusing the guard rail onto a bitumen surface without penetrating the roof membrane. This ensures that the roof remains impermeable - the reason why architects, building owners and those responsible for commissioning construction work love to implement penetration-free fall arrest solutions.