PPE specialist

PPE specialists are individuals that acquire special knowledge in the area of personal fall protection equipment in a training measure carried out in accordance with DGUV Principle 312-906 (formerly BGG 906): “Selection, training and certification of specialists for personal fall protection equipment.” A PPE specialist is adequately familiar with the respective regulations, rules and standards to be able to judge whether equipment is safe to use and whether this equipment is also used correctly.

An advanced training course for PPE specialists may include the following topics:

  • Anchorage devices in accordance with EN 795
  • Instruction on how to use PPE equipment, as well as the monitoring, storage, maintenance and repair of such equipment
  • Evaluating damage
  • Materials science
  • Tasks and duties of a PPE specialist
  • Briefing on how to examine protection equipment
  • Final test

ABS Safety also offers training courses for PPE specialists.