Standards & regulations

ASR A2.1 - technical rules for workplaces

The technical rules for workplaces, ASR A2.1: "protection against falls and falling objects, entering hazardous areas", specify the requirements regarding how to set up and use workplaces and access routes so as to provide adequate protection against falls and falling objects. These ASR A2.1 rules, therefore, constitute fundamental requirements that need to be observed when setting up a fall arrest system.


As in TRBS 2121 , the first topic to be treated is the assessment of the risk of falling or hazards caused by falling objects. According to the order of priority in which measures are to be introduced, preventive and collective protection measures are listed right at the top, e.g. guard rails. Only if there are operational reasons for not installing such measures may fall arrest devices be installed to provide collective protection. The choice should only fall on PPE equipment, if it is impossible to implement the measures mentioned above. Measures for providing protection against falling objects are also similarly ranked.

ASR A2.1 then goes on to describe the requirements pertaining to the respective measures. These include dimensions, positions and test loads. On construction sites, special requirements apply. These are also described in ASR A2.1.