Standards & regulations

DIN 4426

DIN 4426 “Equipment for building maintenance - safety requirements for workplaces and accesses - design and execution" is published by the DIN standards committee [DIN-Normenausschuss Bauwesen (NABau)]. Much of the information contained in this standard is concerned with basic guidelines for planning and realising a fall protection system.

DIN 4426 - contents

First of all, DIN 4426 describes general safety requirements for workplaces and access routes. This includes, for example, how much traffic is to be expected, which minimum dimensions an access route should have and the distances at which components are still considered to be accessible. In this context, reference is also made to the technical rules for workplaces .

The standard goes on to cover the different types of anchorage devices and where they should be installed as well as the requirements pertaining to substructures to which such anchorage devices are attached. A distinction is made between roofs and facades, resp. windows.

Finally, a list containing details of what your documentation should include according to the respective building site regulations is provided.