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ABS-LockSeal Extension Ø 16mm Extension for Sealant Collars

  • Extension for ABS LockSeal sealant collars
  • for Ø 16mm Posts
  • 3 length (300, 600 and 1200mm)
  • can be shortened to required length

Product description ABS-LockSeal Extension Ø 16mm

Extension (Ø 16mm) for ABS LockSeal sealant collars

Shrinking tube for posts with Ø 16mm. Available in 3 length (300, 600 and 1200mm), can be shortened to the required length.

Developed to extend our ABS LockSeal sealant collars - e.g. for use on inverted roofs. A heat source (e.g. a hot-air gun) is required to shrink the tubing.