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ABS-Lock DH04-OG Roof safety hook | screwed on

  • Roof safety hook in accordance with EN 517:2006, type B
  • Anchorage point + ladder hook
  • Designed for load-bearing wooden structures
  • Simply screw it onto a wooden beam (also suitable for over-rafter insulation)
  • Min. roof beam dimensions: 60 mm x 120 mm
  • Installation materials included

Product description ABS-Lock DH04-OG

Stay safe on your pitched roof surface: Robust roof hook (type B), simply hook your ladder on

Anchorage point and ladder hook all rolled into one - meet our ABS-Lock DH04. This device has been tested and certified as a roof hook in accordance with EN 517:2006, type B, i.e. it is suitable for all directions of load. In practice, this is a major criterium as the work of a user implementing one of our ABS-Lock DH04 anchorage devices is not normally confined to the area directly below the anchor. This device allows you to work safely right across the roof surface. You can hook up to the roof safety hook as soon as you step onto the roof - even if this is installed right next to you.

Our stainless steel roof hook is equipped with a cranked shaft specially designed to bridge the roof cladding. It is installed by screwing two bolts through the counter battens and into the beam. A series of inhouse tests have demonstrated that, in practice, this anchorage device can secure up to 3 individuals simultaneously.

Upon request, we can also supply this anchorage device with a color coating. The ABS-Lock DH04-OG is available in standard red (RAL 3009) or anthracite (RAL 7016) - or any special color needed. Just let us know.

Round off your safety kit: Combine our roof hook with matching personal fall protection equipment (PPE) for an optimal safety solution. We have already included the most important components in our special "Roofer Kit".

Of course, all the required PPE components can also be supplied separately. Browse through our PPE Section for safety harnesses, lanyards and self-retracting lifelines in a wide range of different designs and lengths.