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ABS-Lock DH05 Roof safety hook | screwed on

  • Roof safety hook in accordance with EN 517:2006, type B
  • Anchorage point + ladder hook
  • Designed for load-bearing wooden structures
  • Base plate allows flexible installation
  • Simply screw it onto a wooden beam (also suitable for over-rafter insulation)
  • Min. roof beam dimensions: 60 mm x 120 mm

Product description ABS-Lock DH05

Fits in perfectly: Roof safety hook (type B) for flexible installation on a tiled roof surface

A base plate with 12 pre-drilled holes guarantees flexible installation. This roof hook is simply attached to a load-bearing beam using 2 screws - allowing you to perfectly align it to the curve of your roof tiling. The two screws needed to install the device are included in the package.

All ABS Safety roof safety hooks have been certified for all directions of load according to EN 517:2006, type B. In practice, this means that our anchorage devices are more user-friendly than most as the roof hook can be used from any point on the roof surface (except axial loads). In addition, we have subjected our ABS-Lock DH05 to a range of inhouse fall tests - simulating the conditions when the device is simultenaously used by 3 individuals. Our roof hook perfectly mastered these load tests.

The ABS-Lock DH05 anchorage point is manufactured completely from stainless steel. It also offers you the option of hooking up a ladder to it. If you want to be really safe when using this roof hook, you also need a safety harness and a lanyard with an integrated energy absorber.