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ABS-Lock Falz III Fall Protection Anchor Metal Roof | clamped

  • EN 795:2012, B
  • Penetration-free installation on a seam
  • Mounted on a single seam
  • Aluminum thickness ≥ 0.7mm
  • e.g. BEMO or similar
  • Incl. installation set

Product description ABS-Lock Falz III

Small anchorage point with a great impact – specially designed for seam roofs

This is how to keep your roof sealed up! Our ABS-Lock Falz anchors are simply clamped onto a seam - without penetrating the roof membrane. All you need to secure 1 individual from falling off a roof is one of our optically unobtrusive ABS-Lock Falz III anchorage points - specially designed for rounded-edge seams.

The anchorage eyelet is made of stainless steel and rotates a full 360°. The clamp is manufactured from weather-resistant aluminum material. Due to its extremely compact design, our ABS-Lock Falz III does not negatively impact the optical appearance of your metal seam roof. Viewed from a distance, you can hardly see this anchorage device at all.

If required, you can also use an ABS-Lock Falz III device as a temporary single anchorage point. It is lightweight, good value and just pops into your bag.