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ABS-Lock Falz IV Rounded Seam Fall Protection Anchor Metal Roof | clamped

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Clamped onto two adjacent seams - completely penetration-free
  • Seam intervals: 300 - 450 mm / 420 - 660 mm
  • Aluminum thickness ≥ 0.7mm
  • e.g. BEMO or similar
  • Incl. installation set
  • We also supply a protrusion model for use in a lifeline system

Product description ABS-Lock Falz IV Rounded Seam

Fall arrest solution for seam roofs, simply clamped onto a rounded-edge seam

Our penetration-free ABS-Lock Falz IV fall arrest solution is also available for rounded-edge seam roofs. This anchor is suitable for BEMO and similar roof types. The main feature of this single anchorage point is its special clamps - the only components that are not made of stainless steel but of high quality and extremely durable aluminum material. These clamps fit perfectly onto the rounded edge seams of the roof membrane surface. Once installed, this anchorage device can secure up to 3 roof workers simultaneously.

Two seams are needed to install the ABS-Lock Falz IV. There are 2 different models of this anchorage point to choose from. The device can be installed on a roof with a seam interval of 300 - 450 mm or 420 - 660 mm.

This anchorage device is suitable for aluminum surfaces that have a depth of at least 0.7 mm.

Our ABS-Lock Falz IV can be implemented as an intermediate or corner support in a lifeline system or can be used to attach an end terminal. If you require a protruding intermediate support, we recommend using an ABS-Lock Falz IV Rounded Seam ZW. Our Technical Team would be pleased to help you select the right system components for your needs.