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ABS-Lock I Fall Protection Anchor Lock I+II | click

  • EN 795:2012, B + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Can be simply removed at the touch of a button
  • Locking latch prevents accidental unlocking
  • Combine with our ABS-Lock II-B for concrete and wooden structures
  • Combine with our ABS-Lock II-ST for steel surfaces

Product description ABS-Lock I

The perfect window guard solution: Single anchorage point, detachable at the touch of a button

The principle behind our ABS-Lock I+II fall arrest system is quite simple: One single anchorage eyelet for a range of different anchorage solutions. Our system is based on 2 basic elements. The ABS-Lock I is a detachable anchorage point which is simply installed at the touch of a button - and removed just as easily. Once the retainer ball bearings inside the anchorage point have locked into place, the device can withstand loads of up to 2 tons. This makes this fall protection device the ideal partner for work in a window situation.

Our ABS-Lock II is the matching sleeve to the anchorage point - a truly multi-talented solution. For wood, steel and concrete, walls, overhead installation and suspended ceilings: Our ABS-Lock II can be installed virtually anywhere - thanks to our broad range of accessories. And because you can simply remove the anchorage point, it does not spoil the aesthetic look of your building and never gets in your way.

As our ABS-Lock I anchorage eyelet is easy to carry around with you, it can be used with an endless number of different sleeves. Use our ABS-Lock II-B for installation in concrete or wooden structures. Our ABS-Lock II-ST is ideal for steel surfaces.