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ABS-Lock III-B Fall Protection Anchor Concrete | cemented

  • National technical approval ("abZ"): Z-14.9-688
    (In Germany pls. observe the provisions stated in the abZ)
  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Concrete ≥ C20/25
  • Recommended accessories: Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250
  • Important: When the device protudes ≥ 100mm above the subsurface in a wall/facade lifeline system (corner or end support), an additional supporting tube is required

Product description ABS-Lock III-B

ABS-Lock III-B anchor – the all-rounder for concrete

Our stainless steel ABS-Lock III-B anchor is a true all-rounder: It has been tested for loads in all directions for easy usage in floor, wall, facade and overhead installations. Simply cement the anchorage device straight into your concrete surface using our special Adhesive WIT-VM-250. The stainless steel anchorage eyelet included in the package secures up to 3 individuals working at dangerous heights.

Our ABS-Lock III-B can be used as the basis for setting up a variety of different retention and fall arrest systems. It is equally suitable as a single anchorage point or as a support (wall/facade) in your lifeline system. Our Ø 16mm ABS-Lock III-B is designed to buckle under the impact of a fall so as to reduce the level of force exerted on the subsurface. To ensure that the rod is not accidentally bent when the lifeline system is initially pre-tensioned as prescribed, we supply an optional supporting tube to provide adequate stability.