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ABS-Lock III-HW Fall Protection Anchor Wood | countered

  • EN 795:1996, A + EN CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Protruding and non-protruding models available
  • Designed for load-bearing wooden structures
  • Minimum rafter dimensions: 100mm x 120mm
  • Incl. installation set

Product description ABS-Lock III-HW

Anchor, inserted through a wooden beam and countered

Once you have installed your ABS-Lock III-HW anchor in a load-bearing beam and countered it accordingly, your device is ready to take on any direction of load: You can install it on the ground or overhead, exert it to laterial or axial force and use it as either a single anchorage point or a system support in a lifeline system. This fall protection device - specially designed for wooden structures - serves as an anchor capable of securing up to 3 individuals simultaneously.

The stainless steel anchor rod is 16 mm in diameter. All you need to do is pre-drill a hole through the beam, screw the anchor rod in and counter it on the other side. All the required installation materials are included in our standard package.

Upon request, we can supply both protruding and non-protruding versions of our ABS-Lock III-HW model.