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ABS-Lock III-SEITL-65 Concrete Fall Protection Anchor Concrete | cemented

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Lateral installation using an angular plate
  • 2-hole system for flexible installation
  • Concrete ≥ C20/25
  • Recommended accessories: Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250 (ZU-1000)
  • With additional supporting tube also suitable as an end or corner support in a lifeline system

Product description ABS-Lock III-SEITL-65 Concrete

Specially designed anchor for lateral installation in concrete

Our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-65 Concrete anchorage point has been designed with a special angular plate for lateral installation. The device's 2 anchor rods are simply cemented into the concrete surface using Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250 (ZU-1000) special adhesive. Once an expert has installed the anchor, it can be used to simultaneously secure up to 3 workers working near a dangerous edge.

As this anchorage device is designed to cope with any direction of load, it can also be implemented as a supporting element in an overhead lifeline system. In such installations, a supporting tube is required to counter the load resulting from pre-tensioning the system. Upon request, we would be happy to supply a matching supporting tube. Alternatively, you can also use an ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR which comes with a matching supporting tube.

As our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-65 bracket has 2 pre-drilled holes for installation purposes, this anchorage point can also be fixed at different distances from the installation surface.

Like all our other products, this safety solution is manufactured completely from stainless steel.