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ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR Steel Fall Protection Anchor Steel | countered

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Lateral installation using an angular plate
  • Installation materials included

Product description ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR Steel

Steel meets steel: Anchor for fall arrest and retention systems

Secures 3 or more individuals - our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR is one of our most robust anchorage points. This anchor provides you with an excellent fall arrest solution in industrial environments, on construction sites and at companies focused on skilled crafts and trading. Our anchor has been specially reinforced for implementation in a lifeline system using a stainless steel supporting rod (Ø 42mm). You can also simply use this device as a single anchorage point. Install the anchor in the floor, a wall or the ceiling - wherever you need it.

Our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR model for steel structures is installed using two bolts and matching counter nuts. Its angular plate has been specially designed for lateral installation. This allows you to attach it to a load-bearing steel structure to create a reliable safety system. Not only can it be used to secure a building or roof surface, it can also be used for large machines, production lines and crane ways in a broad range of different industries.

Manufactured completely from stainless steel, our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR defies the worst wind and weather conditions. If you want to set up a more complex fall arrest system, e.g. using lifelines, this anchorage point can easily be combined with a wide variety of different ABS Safety components.