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ABS-Lock IV-B Fall Protection Anchor Concrete | cemented

Product description ABS-Lock IV-B

Small anchor – great impact

Our ABS-Lock IV-B is a real all-rounder. Despite its compact design, this small, optically unobtrusive anchorage device can withhold loads in all directions and is suitable for overhead installation. Our stainless steel anchorage point (M12 thread) is simply cemented straight into the concrete surface using our special adhesive WIT-VM-250 (ZU-1000). Once the two-component adhesive has hardened, this anchorage point can be used to protect 1 individual from falling.

When our ABS-Lock IV-B goes into production, we rely on the same weather-resistant stainless steel materials used in all of our ABS Safety products. Finally, technical information has been etched onto the surface of the anchor. These labels are highly weatherproof and contain all the information required for installing the device. This information must also be presented during the annual inspections.