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ABS-Lock OnTop Fall Protection Anchor Flat Roof | fused

  • Meets the requirements of EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2015
  • Designed for flat roofs with a pitch of up to 10°
  • Min. 15m² roof space required
  • Fused to a bitumen strip/fabric-reinforced plastic membrane
  • No roof penetration or deadweight required

Product description ABS-Lock OnTop

Simply fused on: Anchorage point for bitumen and plastic membranes

Our ABS-Lock OnTop anchorage point offers you a unique option for attaching an anchorage device to a bitumen strip or fabric-reinforced plastic membrane. This single anchorage point is simply fused onto the roof membrane - without the need to open it up or penetrate it.

The system crossbars are covered over completely using the same material as your roof membrane. These patches are then simply fused onto the roof membrane surface. After having been installed by an expert, this ABS-Lock OnTop system offers up to 3 individuals at any one time a reliable anchorage option.

The heart of this fall protection system consists of an aluminum cross-shaped anchor with a central anchorage eyelet attached to the top of a stainless steel support (Ø 16 mm) which is designed to buckle under stress. Our ABS-Lock OnTop can be used on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 10°.

We offer a specially developed ABS-Lock OnTop Control system for roof membrane testing purposes which can also be used for the required annual inspections. This solution also allows you to make sure that your roof surface still offers the required load-bearing capacity.