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ABS-Lock SD Fall Protection Anchor Pitched Roof | screwed

  • EN 795:1996, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Designed for load-bearing wooden structures
  • Minimum rafter dimensions: 60mm x 120mm
  • Adjustable angle and crossbar position
  • Installation materials included

Product description ABS-Lock SD

Adjust to any desired angle: Robust single anchorage point for pitched roofs

Our stainless steel ABS-Lock SD anchorage point for wooden rafters is attached to 2 rafters using a crossbar. This crossbar is designed so as to allow the anchor to be adjusted to any desired angle according to the pitch of your roof. The anchorage device rod comes with a supporting tube (Ø 42mm) to provide additional reinforcement - making it a flexible component in your lifeline system.

When deployed as a single anchorage point / anchor, the system can secure up to 3 individuals simultaneously. The device is installed using 4 stainless steel screws which come with the device. You can setup a temporary lifeline system by combining 2 or more ABS-Lock SD anchors with an ABS Lanyard as temporary lifeline system connector.