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ABS-Lock T-Quick Fall Protection Anchor Steel | clamped

  • EN 795:2012, B
  • Simply clamp it to a steel girder
  • Flange width: 100 - 330 mm
  • Flange depth: max. 33 mm

Product description ABS-Lock T-Quick

Mobile anchorage point for steel girders: ABS-Lock T-Quick

Our ABS-Lock T-Quick anchorage point / anchor is simply attached to a steel girder using special girder clamps - the perfect companion for an industrial working environment. Under the roof of your hall, above a crane way or other machine or in a shelf storage area: Wherever you have a girder with a load-bearing capacity you can setup a reliable anchorage system in just a few easy steps using our ABS-Lock T-Quick.

This mobile anchor has been tested for all directions of load. It is suitable for overhead implementation and provides fall protection for 1 individual. As it is manufactured from high-quality aluminum, the anchor only weighs a mere 1.85kg.