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ABS-Lock VI Fall Protection Anchor Metal Roof | Toggle bolt

  • EN 795:2012, A + EN 1263-2:2014
  • Sandwich and trapezoidal (positive/ negative) sheeting
  • Steel ≥ 0.75mm
  • Aluminum ≥ 2mm

Product description ABS-Lock VI

Excellent combination: Anchorage point with integrated insulation

Our stainless steel ABS-Lock VI anchorage point, which is installed using a toggle bolt, offers additional functionality: Simply use this anchorage device to hook up and secure your safety net. This system is suitable for sandwich and trapezoidal sheeting (positive/negative). Your steel subsurface only needs to be 0.75mm thick to be able to install this device. Aluminum surfaces should be at least 2mm thick. The toggle bolt is supplied with integrated insulation.

Our ABS-Lock VI can be used as an anchorage point to secure 1 individual working at heights. It is either installed on the floor or in the ceiling.