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ABS-Lock X-KLEMM Concrete Fall Protection Anchor Concrete | countered with plate

  • National technical approval ("abZ"): Z-14.9-688
    (In Germany pls. observe the provisions stated in the abZ)
  • Ü symbol
  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Clamped onto a concrete beam using a base and counter plate
  • Available for other beam sizes upon request
  • Upgrade with a supporting tube for usage as an end or corner post in a lifeline system
  • Incl. stainless steel installation set

Product description ABS-Lock X-KLEMM Concrete

No drilling required: Clamp-on fall arrest device

A really strong anchor rod - also suitable for overhead usage - simply clamp the ABS-Lock X-Klemm base plate onto a concrete beam and counter it on the other side. When installed properly, the device can secure up to 3 workers simultaneously - in any desired direction. These features guarantee extremely flexible usage - on the ground, in a wall or in a ceiling.

Our ABS-Lock X-Klemm can be implemented as a single anchorage point or as an intermediate support in a lifeline system. Add an optional ABS-Lock X supporting tube to provide the anchor with the additional reinforcement required for end and corner elements.

The base and counter plate of this fall arrest device (each measuring 200 x 200 mm) can be clamped onto any beam measuring up to 150 x 150 mm. Please contact us for other beam sizes: Service.