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ABS WindowGuard Collective Protection | Window Guard

Window guardrail - 5 different widths to choose from:

  • FS-FSG01 (400 - 910 mm / 8.4 kg)
  • FS-FSG02 (770 - 1720 mm / 10.3 kg)
  • FS-FSG03 (490 - 730 mm / 7.5 kg)
  • FS-FSG04 (700 - 1160 mm / 8.5 kg)
  • FS-FSG05 (1110 - 1570 mm / 8.9 kg)

Product description ABS WindowGuard

Protected from falling - thanks to our ABS WindowGuard system

According to the law and the German employers’ liability insurance associations, workers carrying out window cleaning work at open windows must be protected from falling from the first floor up. Anyone wanting to avoid having to install a permanent window-securing system or the use of a guardrail or lifting platform are definitely on the safe side, if they opt for one of our window guard systems.

Our ABS WindowGuard is a really lightweight, mobile window guardrail system that can be clamped to a window frame in just a matter of seconds - so you can just take it with you from one window to the next. When cleaning windows and blinds or carrying out maintenance work on them, simply use one of our ABS WindowGuards to protect yourself from falling.