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ABS Dome OnTop Fusion Guardrail Domed Rooflights | fused

  • EN 13374:2013, A
  • Designed for flat roof pitches ≤ 10°
  • Domed rooflights: Max. 2.5 m x 2.5 m
  • Handrail height: 1100mm
  • Post distance: max. 2,50m
  • Weight per post: ca. 3kg
    (traditional posts 30kg)
  • Set includes bitumen patches
  • PVC patches need to provided and cut to size onsite

Product description ABS Dome OnTop Fusion

Penetration-free guardrail system specially designed for domed rooflights

Our ABS Dome OnTop Fusion guardrail offers penetration-free fall protection around domed rooflights. You will not require any additional weights when installing our new ABS Safety guardrail system as it is simply fused onto a bitumen or fabric-reinforced plastic membrane surface. Once it has been set up, cover the feet of our ABS Dome OnTop Fusion guardrail with squares of roof membrane material. Then simply fuse these onto the roof membrane surface.

As this system is really lightweight and easy to handle, you will not have any problems getting it up onto your roof. Our ABS Dome OnTop Fusion guardrail is tested and certified in accordance with EN 13374:2013. It is suitable for flat roofs with a maximum pitch of 10°.