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ABS ASK 8 PPE | Temporary Lifeline System

  • EN 795:2012, B+C + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Kernmantle cable (Ø 14 mm)
  • incl. cable tensioner
  • incl. spliced carabiner hooks which move freely along the cable (15 m = 1 additional hook, 23 m = 2 additional hooks, 30 m = 3 additional hooks)

Product description ABS ASK 8

ABS ASK 8 – consisting of a kernmantle cable for safety you can rely on

Our ABS ASK 8 was specially designed as a temporary lifeline system for horizontal implementation on flat and pitched roofs. This connector is based on a kernmantle cable which makes it considerably lighter, more compact and more user-friendly than traditional systems using polyamide cables.

And that is not all our ABS ASK 8 has to offer. Most common anchorage devices deploy twisted cables. Not only are these much heavier than kernmantle ones - they also wear much faster due to their susceptibility to kinking. The ABS ASK 8 kernmantle cable, on the other hand, is significantly more robust and resistant to fatigue. Kernmantle cables never have any problems with kinking - and because our ABS ASK 8 absorbs less moisture than its twisted polyamide contemporaries, it offers greater weather resistance.

More ABS ASK 8 advantages: Firstly, this system has been approved for a maximum distance of 20 meters between two posts. Secondly, the kernmantle cable twists far less than a traditional cable, thus reducing the fall distance.

Our ABS ASK 8 was specially developed to secure up to 4 individuals simultaneously.

A carabiner hook with a special screw lock is attached to one end of the kernmantle cable. This allows it to be quickly and easily attached to an anchorage point. A cable clamp is attached to the other end of the cable - serving as a tensioning element. In addition, our ABS ASK 8 is also equipped with additional carabiner hooks which run freely along the cable and can be attached to intermediate supports.

This temporary lifeline system is available in the following standard lengths: 15, 23 and 30 m. Use this connector system in combination with an ABS RopeGlide roller glider and a self-retracting lifeline for the perfect safety solution.