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ABS Roofer Kit PPE | Set for Roofer

  • Safety harness (EN 361:2002)
  • Guided type fall arresting lanyard (EN 353-2:2002 & EN 358:2000) 
  • available in 4 diferent lengths (5m, 10m, 15m and 23m
  • Rope can be adjusted as required using the integrated rope shortener
  • Incl. professional, abrasion-resistant tape sling and robust protective bag
  • optional (extra charge): Steel-plated storage case

Product description ABS Roofer Kit

Make sure you always have your full PPE kit with you - take along an ABS Roofer Kit

Get all your personal fall protection equipment (PPE) in one go. Our ABS Roofer Kit includes everything roofers & Co. need for working at potentially lethal heights. Our set includes one of our comfortable ABS Comfort safety harnesses, a lanyard with a rope shortener and an integrated energy absorber as well as a tape sling. There are four lanyard lengths to choose from (5 m, 10 m, 15 m and 23 m). And to make sure you don’t lose anything along the way, we have put everything into a practical protective bag for you.