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ABS TriPole PRO PPE | Tripod

  • EN 795:2012, B
  • Height: 140 cm - 230 cm
  • Designed for round openings (Ø 80cm - 140cm)
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Incl. bag

Product description ABS TriPole PRO

ABS TriPole PRO - fall arrest solution based on a portable tripod system

Our ABS TriPole PRO is a mobile tripod system designed to secure individuals temporarily whilst working in shafts and shaft access areas. This aluminum system is pleasantly lightweight - coming in at a mere 13 kg - although it can easily bear loads of up to 200 kg. Our tripod has 2 anchorage points and can also be equipped with a self-retracting lifeline.

2 individuals are needed to use the tripod system: Whilst one individual (secured using the tripod) is working, the second one operates the ABS TriPole PRO. Ideally, the individual doing the actual work is secured using an ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifeline. This can be secured using the two anchorage eyelets incorporated in the ABS TriPole PRO frame.

Our mobile ABS TriPole PRO system bears a label stating that it is certified as an anchorage point according to EN 795:2012, class B. The height of the supporting legs can be adjusted in small steps from 1.15 to 2.15 m thanks to a slot-in mechanism which takes up the safety bolts. This system can be implemented as a fall arrest solution over round openings between 80 and 140 cm in diameter. Robust, rubber pads under the feet ensure the system does not slip and also protect the surface.

Add an ABS TriPole PRO Winch to your ABS TriPole PRO system (sold separately)! The first individual uses a steel cable and winch to secure the second individual whilst he/she is being lowered down or raised back up. In the case of a fall, the casualty can be easily rescued.