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ABS TriPole PRO Winch PPE | Tripod Winch

  • EN 1496:2006, A
  • max. 135 kg
  • Steel cable (Ø 4.8 mm)
  • Length: 20 m

Product description ABS TriPole PRO Winch

Sturdy winch, specially designed for tripod usage

You will need this rescue winch, if you have to raise or lower a casualty. This winch was specially designed for use in combination with our ABS TriPole PRO tripod. Our ABS TriPole PRO Winch is equipped with a 20m cable made of electro galvanized steel. It is capable of bearing loads of up to 135 kg which means that one individual - together with all his/her equipment - can easily be raised or lowered.

The rescue winch cable is 4.8 mm in diameter. Our ABS TriPole Pro Winch is certified in accordance with EN 1496:2006, A (when used in combination with a self-retracting lifeline designed for manhole usage in line with EN 360).