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ABS AluTrax Aluminium Rail System

  • DIN EN 795:2012, D + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Secures up to 3 individuals simultaneously (1 individual per glider)
  • High-strength aluminum design, extremely lightweight
  • Simple and quick installation on a roof, wall or ceiling
  • Expands and contracts with heat and cold based on a floating bearing design (straight systems)
  • Rail element: 2.34 m; Optional: Custom lengths available
  • Horizontal and vertical curve elements: Standard 90°; Optional: Custom angle/radius upon request

Product description ABS AluTrax

Simply slotted together: Lightweight aluminum rail system

Fall protection could hardly be less of a burden: Our ABS AluTrax rail safety system scores top marks for its extremely lightweight design - achieved through rails and curve elements made of high-strength aluminum material. Not only is the weight of this system minimal - the amount of effort required to install it is, too. The practical slot-in system allows you to easily connect up rails and curve elements to create a reliable, continuous fall arrest solution which can be used by up to 3 individuals simultaneously. Please note that each user needs his/her own rail glider.

Our standard rail safety system consists of 234 cm aluminum rails with 90° curve elements designed for horizontal and vertical implementation. Upon request, we can also supply custom rail sections and angles to meet your own individual requirements. At our German manufacturing facilities, we can shorten the rails to suit and offer a range of different curve element angles. Simply contact our Sales Team, if you would like to find out which solution is best for your particular project.

Once installed, simply use your rail safety system in combination with our smooth-running ABS AluRoll rail gliders. These gliders are also manufactured from high-strength aluminum material and are equipped with stainless steel ball bearings with extra-smooth gliding properties. This system is also ideal for overhead installation. Combine our rail safety system with a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) for optimum fall protection - even when installed up to 15 m above the user. Our fall protection solutions provide your workers with a high degree of user convenience and allow plenty of maneuverability.