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ABS-Lock SYS I Lifeline System 8mm | non-traversable

  • National technical approval ("abZ"): Z-14.9-786
    (In Germany pls. observe the provisions stated in the abZ)
  • Ü symbol
  • EN 795:2012, C & CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Designed for use in combination with nearly all ABS Safety supports
  • Suitable for installation on virtually any common roof type
  • 8 mm V4A cable
  • Simultaneous protection for up to 4 individuals

Product description ABS-Lock SYS I

Strong cable provides fall protection for several individuals simultaneously

Our ABS-Lock SYS I lifeline system uses an 8 mm stainless steel cable to provide simultaneous protection for several individuals. Your workers can use this system to hook up their personal protection equipment in industrial applications, event halls, on roofs and when working on crane ways. As our ABS Safety lifeline systems can be used in combination with many of the anchorage devices offered in our product portfolio, they can be installed on virtually any surface: Steel, concrete, wood or metal - all you need is the right support to secure your workers in any environment.
Furthermore, in the case of a fall, using a stainless steel ABS ForceLimiter reduces the ensuing force to an absolute minimum.

Although our ABS-Lock SYS I lifeline system is non-traversable, it can still be led easily around obstructions or curves. Thanks to the pully wheel the rope routing can be shaped flexible from 0-180° (Hint: Utilization of ABS LockEye as corner redirection is not more allowed on account of changings in national standards.)

Are you looking for a traversable solution for use im combination with gliders? Then take a look at our ABS-Lock SYS II and ABS-Lock SYS IV lifeline systems. Or simply ask our Team who will gladly assist you during the planning phase. Of course, all ABS Safety lifeline systems have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 795, class C

Product image of the stainless steel horizontal lifeline systems for flat roofs ABS-Lock SYS I and III

Positioning intermediate supports

Our ABS-Lock SYS lifeline system is licensed for a maximum distance of 10 meters between adjacent supports. However, only in exceptional cases can this be practically implemented. Therefore, we recommend planning the following distances for installation on the surfaces listed below:

  • Concrete: 7-10 m
  • Rigid steel structures: 7-10 m
  • Trapezoidal sheeting: 7-8 m
  • Sandwich panels: 7-8 m
  • Metal seam roofs: 7-8 m
  • Wooden structures (beams/cladding): 7-8 m
  • Hollow core slabs: 7-8 m

Please also note: The greater the distance between the individual intermediate supports, the more difficult it is to offset cable sag.