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ABS TI-FlexCurve Lifeline System | traversable corner bracket

  • General national technical approval (German: "abZ"): Z-14.9-786
  • Ü symbol
  • EN 795:2012, A & CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Flexible cable path up to 180°
  • Easily adjusted by hand
  • Compact design
  • Secures 4 individuals simultaneously (1 individual per glider)

Product description ABS TI-FlexCurve

Individually adjustable curve element for lifeline systems - ABS TI-FlexCurve

Our flexible ABS TI-FlexCurve really makes installing a lifeline system a whole lot easier. This stainless steel curve element scores top marks through the simple way in which the cable is fed through it and the fact that it can be individually adjusted to any angle between 0° und 180° - without the need for any extra tools, i.e. simply by hand. Our ABS-TI-FlexCurve can easily get around any obstacle: The roof apex, a corner, a pillar, a ridge or a hollow - no problem for this adjustable curve element.

Even once it has been installed, our ABS TI-FlexCurve guarantees maximum ease of operation: This curve element can be implemented in both concave and convex curve situations and is fully traversable. We offer 2 different models for Ø 6mm, resp. Ø 8mm cables. These are suitable for implementation in our fully traversable ABS-Lock SYS II or ABS-Lock SYS IV systems. Manufactured completely from weather-resistant V4A steel material, this curve element is capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions.