ASR A2.1 - technical rules for workplaces

Protection against falls and falling objects, entering hazardous areas

The technical rules for workplaces, ASR A2.1 "protection against falls and falling objects, entering hazardous areas" specify the requirements pertaining to how to set up and use workplaces and access routes so as to provide adequate protection against falls and falling objects, as well as the requirements pertaining to associated measures for crossing a roof surface and/or any other hazardous area.

According to ASR A2.1, "[...] there is a danger of falling [...] as soon as the distance to the ground below exceeds 1.0 m." Analogous to the provisions of the German employers' liability insurance associations, ASR A2.1 also ranks the measures by stating that collective protection should always take precedence over the use of individual PPE. Guardrails are preferable to anchorage devices, in as far as the structural, resp. operational situation allows for this.

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