Guard rails for pitched and flat roofs - Collective protection

You can use an ABS Guard OnTop guard rail to secure the edge of your roof (parapet) and other precipitous edges on your pitched, green or flat roof surface. Our aluminium side protection solutions are particularly lightweight - with a range of different models to choose from: Portable or self-supporting guard rails, models designed for fusing onto bitumen or for being firmly riveted onto trapezoidal sheeting profiles. Our ABS Dome OnTop was specially designed to secure domed rooflights. And our range of products even includes a portable guard rail solution - our ABS Mobile Guard - which can be installed without needing to be weighed down. Implement our guard rails in a collective protection system to completely secure all your frequently-used access routes. How you benefit: Workers working high up do not need any special training or personal protective equipment, if the precipitous edges are secured by a guard rail.

Type A guard rail

ABS Safety guard rails are manufactured according to the latest standards. All ABS Guard OnTop (flat roofs) and ABS Dome OnTop (domed rooflights) guard rails have been tested by DEKRA EXAM according to EN 13374:2013, A as well as EN 14122-3:2001 so that they can be used under a wind load. The durable, lightweight aluminium material used in these products also facilitates their transport and installation. The handrail tubes and knee rails are cut to the right length using a tube cutter and then simply slotted together using practical clamp connectors. There is no need for any long-winded drilling. Our guard rails can be used to secure flat roof surfaces with a pitch of up to 10°.

Guard rails for roofs with and without a parapet

If there is no raised area or parapet around the roof edge, an optional, 15-centimetre-high toe board can be added to our guard rails. Other practical accessories allow you to even out differences in height and create openings should you occasionally need to move around beyond the guard rail or need to access a domed rooflight.

Collective protection is top priority

Did you know: If it is possible to install a fall arrest system that provides collective protection, this must be given preference in the case of regularly-used work and access routes. If a guard rail has been installed at the precipitous edge, individuals on the roof do not require any personal fall protection equipment (PPE) - nor do they need to have any specialised knowledge. Additionally, a solution that provides side protection is not limited to a fixed number of users - it does not matter whether two, five or seven gardeners are taking care of your green roof at the same time. Please contact us, if you would like to know which fall protection solutions are possible and best-suited to your plans.


Guardrail installed on a bituminous flat roof without roof penetration
Guardrail system ABS Guard OnTop Weight installed around a roof access door
Guardrail System without bitumen roof penetration ABS Guard OnTop Fusion
Rooflight fall protection system for flat roofs ABS Dome OnTop Weight