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A+A Düsseldorf 2015

A short review of our exhibition-highlights from the ABS booth.

ABS CLiC iT mobile lifeline system

Your personal fall protection, always at your side! ABS CLiC-iT is based on two interconnected hooks that are fastened to the front D-ring of the harness. Alternately attached to the rungs, a hook can not be opened as long as the locking mechanism of the second does not lock. This prevents accidental release.

How to: ABS Comfort safety harness

Hassle-free PPE: Our latest video shows how to fit and wear our safety harness ABS Comfort in just a few minutes. Enjoy watching!

ABS Safety GmbH - Fall Protection Test Area

Testing taken to the next level. Take a close look at how we test our anchor points at the ABS test area in Kevelaer, Germany.

Conatiner vs. Fall Protection Anchor

The [EXPERIMENT] - Container vs. Fall Protection Anchor

In May 2013, we at ABS conducted a "small" experiment. We stressed our fall protection anchor ABS-Lock III-BE (approved for 3 people), with the forces of 3 people...and a bit more!

See for yourself and be amazed!

PS: This test is no fake, it has been concluded like you can see.

Fall protection anchor offer an anchorage point where you can attach yourself with your personal protective equipment (PPE) against fall. Your freedom of movement at height is therefore restricted by a minimum.

The ABS-Lock III-BE is made entirely from stainless steel (1.4301) and after drilling a 80 mm deep and 16 mm in diameter hole, simply hammerd into the concrete (from C20/25 (B25)). With the build-in dowel no additional fixing materials are required.