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Impression vom ABS Safety Messestand auf der Dach+Holz 2018 in Köln

February 2018

Dach + Holz Köln: 20. - 23. Februar 2018

Please visit us at the specialists fair Dach + Holz. You can find us at hall 8, booth 8.422. We will be glad to advise you in a personal conversation about following subjects:

  • First rail system with DIBt approval: ABS AluTrax
  • ABS-Lock X-Therm - Licensed anchor with real thermal isolation
  • Coming soon* as english version: ABS-Lock Book installation and maintenance documentation!
    *(Prospective April `18)
Produktbild des Anschlagpunktes ABS-Lock X-Therm mit thermischer Trennung

January 2018

Stainless steel anchor with real thermal isolation: ABS-Lock X-Therm

ABS-Lock X-Therm is the right choice, thus preventing an unnecessary, resp. unwanted flow of thermal energy if roofs have to be penetrated.

Thanks to the included special spacer the highly-effective insulation layer, espacially in case of a passive or energy-plus house etc., survives.

Of course, our anchorage point is also certified in accordance with EN 795:2012, A & CEN/TS 16415:2013 to keep you and your employees safe in situations where several individuals are working at the same time.

Product image of the ABS Lanyard applicated as temporary lifeline system

August 2017

ABS Lanyard: Guided type fall arrester and Lifeline system

We enlarge our assortment by ABS Lanyard, which is designed as temporary lifeline system (formerly ABS ASK 8) and as guided type fall arrester (formerly ABS VB BFD SK).

Also new: ABS Trauma Strap. Thanks to the safety harness foot sling you can prevent suspension trauma following a fall.

ABS Weight OnTop Double anchorage point counterweighted with gravel or concrete - Product image

June 2017

ABS Weight OnTop Double ballasted with gravel

From now on the anchorage device ABS Weight OnTop Double can also be ballasted with gravel, so that you´ll have a fall protection solution for one person. Following applications are practicable:

  • As single fall protection anchor
  • As intermediate bracket in lifeline systems
  • By adding a support tube usage as an end or corner post in lifeline systems

The ABS Weight OnTop Double ballasted with concrete slabs is still certified as fall protection anchorage device up to 2 persons.

Product image of the PPE Safety Harness ABS Basic

June 2017

ABS Basic safety harness

  • EN 361:2002
  • 2 attachment points (1x chest, 1x back)
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • Suitable for loads of up to 136 kg
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Color: Black-red-grey
Product image of the aluminium rail system ABS AluTrax for installation on a roof, wall or ceiling

February 2017

ABS AluTrax: Aluminium rail safety system & ABS AluRoll glider

We enlarged our product range with the easy to install rail system ABS AluTrax made of high-strength aluminium.

Suitable to the rail system we developed the rail glider ABS AluRoll with ball bearing-mounted rollers, which enable the glider to run extremely smoothly.

Produktbild des Aluminium Rollengleiters ABS SkyRoll für Seilsicherungssysteme

January 2017

ABS SkyRoll - Aluminum roller glider for lifeline systems

Manufactured from high-strength aluminum material, our glider glides extremely smoothly along our overhead-mounted, stainless steel ABS-Lock SYS II (8mm) and ABS-Lock SYS IV (6mm) lifeline systems.

It´s designed to secure 1 individual according to EN 795:2012, C.

April 2016

ABS-Lock Wave & ABS-Lock Wave 60

With ABS-Lock Wave we introduce an aluminium fall protection anchor with stainless steel eyebolt, which is specially shaped for corrugated roof panels (e.g. Eternit).

The systems ABS-Lock Wave and ABS-Lock Wave 60 are practical as anchorage point and also as end- and intermediate-post in horizontal lifeline systems.

February 2016

ABS Installation videos

Take a short and fast tour through the installation of ABS products.
Our installation videos are an visual support to our manuals.

Product image ABS CLiC-iT - mobile PPE

February 2016

ABS CLiC-iT - portable PPE

The ABS CLiC-it is based on 2 interconnected carabiners. These communicate with each to ensure that at least one carabiner is attached at all times - preventing the system from accidentally being detached. An individual is usually secured by attaching the system to the breast eyelet of the user's safety harness.

Our ABS CLiC-iT offers outstanding protection and is especially designed for situations lacking a permanently installed safety system, e.g. external ladders for climbing masts etc. and platform construction work. Naturally, you can use our ABS CLiC-iT with your existing system, e.g. ABS-Lock SYS.

  • Rules out accidental detachment
  • Vertical & horizontal usage
  • 100 % portable, weights less than 2 kg


Einsatzbild ABS Mobile Guard flat - Flachdach Schutzgeländer

February 2016

Temporary guardrail ABS Mobile Guard - Now new in our assortment

ABS Mobile Guard - our new guardrail systems for temporary usage. Made of high-quality aluminum and so they are robust and espeacially low-weighted. ABS Mobile Guard systems are compact, easy to transport and very simple to build up.

ABS Mobile Guard - flat is the ballasted model for flat roofs, ABS Mobile Guard - pitched is the model for pitched and also flat roofs, which needs no additional weights.

ABS führt neues Warehouse Management ein

January 2016

New Warehouse Management for Improved Delivery Performance

For optimum use of our extended warehouse capacity and for improving our stocking and delivery performance, we have launched a new warehouse management system. Preparations have been running at full speed for months now with the aim to implement the new software by January 25th 2016.

To ensure a smooth system changeover we shall begin on Friday 22nd January and will hopefully have it completed by the following Monday.
Therefore all orders received after Thursday January 21st 2016 will be processed after Monday January 25th2016.
From Tuesday onwards we will resume our usual service.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Guardrail installed on a bituminous flat roof without roof penetration

January 2016

ABS Productsites now with related products

Our online productdetail pages are now having a new function.

You can find related products below the product description, so now you´re able to get information about the ABS assortment more quickly. You need only some klicks to jump to related products and accessories for the product you´re just informing about.

Currently we´re still in progress with mapping, but in the near future almost each product has it´s logical additional products.

October 2015

ABS at A+A fair in Duesseldorf

1st day of this year´s A+A in Duesseldorf. We are looking forward to meet you at Booth A49/ Hall 06!

Product image ABS CLiC-iT - mobile PPE

October 2015

ABS CLiC-iT: Revolutionary lifeline system

One highlight for this year's A+A... ABS CLiC-iT - innovative fall arrest system for ladders


October 2015

How to: ABS Comfort safety harness

Hassle-free PPE: Our latest video shows how to fit and wear our safety harness ABS Comfort in just a few minutes. Enjoy watching!

Fall protection anchor installed in lightweight concrete

September 2015

ABS-Lock X-Y - Fall Protection Anchor for lightweight/ aerated concrete

Our new fall protection anchor ABS-Lock X-Y offers an reliable anchor point on lightweight concrete/ aerated concrete (≥ P 3.3). The base plate is fitted with 8 anchor rods, wich are fixed to the concrete using ABS special adhesive.

The ABS-Lock X-Y is made entirely from stainless steel and can be used as an intermediate post in lifeline systems, equipped with an additional support tube it is also suitable as an end- and corner post in lifeline systems. Used as a singel point anchor it can be used by 3 people simulatneously. The ABS-Lock X-Y is tested in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012 A and DIN CEN/TS 16415:2013.

Logo A+A Messe Düsseldorf

September 2015

Come join us! A+A in Düsseldorf Hall 06 / Booth A49

ABS safety will again be present at this years A+A in Düsseldorf. We lookin forward to meeting you in Hall 06 / Booth A49!

The A+A is an international trade show and congress for the topics: Safety, Security and Health at work - 27th to 30th October 2015 Düsseldorf.

ABS Safety mit neuer Website

August 2015

ABS Safety with a new Website

Since Monday, August 8th, we are online with a new website. We brought our product world in the foreground, to make it more convenient for you, to find the right product for your application. In addition, our website has been optimized for mobile use. Therefore you have a great experience browsing our products from a smartphone or tablet.

Auf einem Weingut in Spanien verbautes Seilsystem ABS-Lock SYS

July 2015

Horizontal lifeline system ABS-Lock SYS in a wine cellar

Overhead mounted lifeline system ABS-Lock SYS at the winery of the Spanish wine specialist Marques de Caceres.

Roof guardrail ABS Guard OnTop installed on sandwich roof panels

July 2015

Diversification ABS Guard OnTop guardrail system

The guardrail system ABS Guard OnTop SW for sandwich roofs sets itself apart withan innovative fastening technology.

May 2015

Storage & Delivery Performance

More than 3,000 indoor pallet storage slots, a total of 3,200 square meters of production and warehouse space and four new truck loading ramps – with our new facilities our warehouse and production capacity has more than doubled. Delivery as well as pick up is made much easier and we are able to keep more products available in stock.

ABS LaddFix clamped between the rungs of a leaning ladder attached to the rain gutter

March 2015

ABS LaddQuick - Stainless steel ladder hook device

The second generation auf our ladder hook device ABS LaddQuick is now completely made of stainless steel.

ABS Gate - Türelement für ABS Dachgeländersysteme

January 2015

Door element for ABS Guard OnTop systems

As of now, the system is also available with a door element ABS Gate. More pratical features for our guardrail system are in planning.

January 2015

Our current product range

As of now, our latest product list with the newest additions to our product range is available for download

December 2014

ABS Guard OnTop Weight & ABS Dome OnTop Weight

Our guardrail systems "ABS Guard OnTop" & "ABS Dome OnTop" are now available as counterweighted system "Weight".

Fall protection anchor installed on trapezoidal sheeting of a container

November 2014

Anchorage Point securing individuals working on top of a container

Our ABS-Lock X-Flat was developed to protect individuals from falling when working on top of a container.

Fall protection guardrail for roof lights on flat roofs - ABS Dome OnTop Fusion

October 2014

Available for plastic membrane roofs: ABS Stabilik II & ABS SkyDome II

Our roof-penetration free guardrail systems "ABS Stabilik II" & "ABS SkyDome II", are now available for plastic membrane roofs.

Edelstahlanschlagpunkt mit aufgelasertem Ü-Zeichen

October 2014

New fall protection Anchors with DIBt-Approvals

Two more ABS products have receives the national approval from the German Center of Competence in Civil Engineering (DIBt). The fall protection Anchors ABS-Lock III-BE and ABS-Lock X-SR-B for cracked and non-cracked concrete are now officially tested on the substructure. The Ü-sign will show the national approval on our products in the future. Both single point anchors are approved to be used by three persons simultaneously, are made from stainless steel and are still tested in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012. Additionally the Ü-sign guarantees, that the products are third party tested and in accordance with the national approval.

Worker on a trapezoidal roof wearing an ABS Comfort Vest

August 2014

ABS Comfort Safety Vest

The ABS Comfort Safety Vest with its integrated safety harness is fitted with convenient quick release fasteners and made of reflective material and has a weight carrying capacity up to 136kg

July 2014

DIBt – Approval

We have just received the National technical approval from the DIBt (German Center of Competence in Civil Engineering). The ABS-Lock fall protection system is the only system on the market consisting of anchorage points which are being tested once a year by a third party institute.

Fahrbare Halbportale dienen den technikern auf großen Maschinen als Anschlageinrichtung gegen Abstürze

June 2014

Specific solutions

In future, we will be offering individually customized anchorage system solutions specifically geared to industrial applications

Fall protection guardrail for roof lights on flat roofs - ABS Dome OnTop Fusion

May 2014

Penetration-free collective protection system for domed rooflights

ABS SkyDome II is a guard rail specially designed for securing domed rooflights. This rail system is also ultra-light - and is simply fused onto a bitumen roof surface. The ABS SkyDome II is tested in accordance with DIN EN 14122-3:2001 and DIN EN 13374:2013 by the DEKRA test institute.

Guardrail System without bitumen roof penetration ABS Guard OnTop Fusion

May 2014

Collective protection penetration-free installation aluminium guard rail

Our "ABS Stabilik II" is a high-quality and extremely lightweight rail guard system which is simply fused onto the bitumen roof surface. No extra weights required. The ABS Stabilik II is tested in accordance with DIN EN 14122-3:2001 and DIN EN 13374:2013 by the DEKRA test institute.

Fall protection anchor for pitched roofs ABS-Lock Loop

April 2014

Anchor sling for pitched roofs

ABS-Lock Loop is an anchor sling for pitched roofs. It is complete made from stainless steel and can be installed with just 2 screws. In contrast to usual roof hooks, the ABS-Lock Loop is almost invisible. In addition to its faster an easier installation the “ABS-Lock Loop” is much more cost efficient than roof hooks.

Fall protection anchor installed on the roofs apex ABS-Lock X-First II

April 2014

Anchor point of the 2nd generation

Our anchor point ABS-Lock X First enters the next generation: The new ABS-Lock X First II can be adjusted to any roof pitch without using additional tools. It can be installed with just 4 screws, which makes the assembling much faster and easier. Tested in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012 (Type A). 

Fall Protetction Harness ABS Comfort

February 2014

The favorable safety harness with high comfort

Convince yourself of our new universal safety harness, which is equipped with two connection facilities. One in the front where two strong reinforced webbing loops are combined and one in the back (D-Ring). The ABS Comfort features convenient quick release fasteners on the chest and on the leg straps. Simple fitting and guarantees maximum safety and ease of use! 

Different solutions for mounting an ABS-Lock II on a suspended ceiling

February 2014

Now also also suitable for suspended ceilings

Because of our special and innovative development it is possible to adjust the ABS-Lock II to the lowered ceiling, even after installation. Thus you don´t have to make visual compromises when installing the anchor.

ABS retractables with steel cable or webbing in different length available

January 2014

Fall arresting devices straight from ABS: easy to use

Always on stock: Our ABS B-LOCK devices have been designed for universal implementation. We have a large number of different models permanently on stock. The robust casing, made of a special extra light, UV and weather-resistant synthetic material, is your guarantee for an extremely durable product. 

January 2014

ABS TriPole tripod

Our mobile ABS TriPole tripod is an anchorage point designed in accordance with DIN EN 795, class B, for one individual working in the vicinity of a manhole or shaft access point. Two individuals are required to use the system: One person carries out the work whilst the other operates the ABS TriPole system.