ABS B-Lock 3.5 - 6 m

Self-retracting lifeline with sharp edge-tested strap or steel cable
Image showing two self-retracting lifelines - one with a strap and the other with a steel cable, both of which can be stretched up to 6 metres
Image showing our specially-designed ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifeline equipped with a DBI carabiner
Alternatively, we also supply our ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifeline (SRL) model equipped with a specially-designed DBI carabiner - exclusively for usage in combination with our ABS UP system

Product information ABS B-Lock 3.5 - 6 m

This self-retracting lifeline device can be extended to 3.5 or 6 m and comes with either a steel cable or strap (both of which are sharp edge-tested). The lightweight, compact design allows the system to be easily transported. This self-retracting lifeline model can cope with loads of up to 100 kg.

  • EN 360:2002
  • Two models: Strap or steel cable - both sharp edge-tested
  • Strength rating: 15 kN (strap) / 12 kN (steel cable)
  • Upper and lower rotating brackets prevent twisting
  • The carabiner is equipped with a fall indicator
  • Suitable for up to 100 kg
  • The model with a DBI carabiner is designed for usage with our optional ABS UP-System

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3.5 m or 6 m self-retracting lifeline, equipped with a strap or steel cable

Our ABS B-Lock 3.5 - 6 m self retracting lifeline (SRL) is available in two different models: With a galvanised steel cable or polyamide strap - both sharp edge-tested. The system is approved for a total load of 100 kg whereby the self-retracting lifeline itself only weighs a mere 2.1 kg (strap) / 4.3 kg (steel cable). The device can be attached to a body harness.

Our ABS B-Lock 3.5 - 6 m device is based on a spring drum assembly which keeps the cable, resp. strap, permanently taught - ensuring the length is always just right. Rotating brackets at the top and bottom of the casing prevent the cable/strap from twisting. A doubly-secured twistlock carabiner hook (EN 362:2004) is included in the package.

All our ABS B-Lock models are certified in accordance with EN 360:2002 or later. All models supplied with a strap have been sharp edge-tested and are certified for horizontal usage. Our ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifelines are equipped with a robust casing made of a special UV and weather-resistant synthetic material and are extremely lightweight.

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