ABS B-Lock - Mobile elevating work platforms
Self-retracting lifeline in accordance with DIN 19427 with a sharp-edge tested strap

Product information ABS B-Lock - Mobile elevating work platforms

This self-retracting lifeline, which was specially developed for mobile elevating work platforms, has a lightweight (total weight 900 g) and compact design. Our ABS B-Lock minimises the force ensuing from a fall to a maximum of 3 kN and has been tested and approved for use by one individual (up to 100 kg). Its robust, plastic casing is ideal for everyday usage.

  • EN 360:2002
  • DIN 19427
    • for special use in mobile elevating platforms and work baskets
    • Sharp-edge tested strap, Strength rating: 15 kN
    • Total length: 180 cm
  • Especially light (only 900 g)
  • Rotating brackets at both ends prevent twisting
  • The carabiner hook includes a fall indicator
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS B-Lock - Mobile elevating work platforms Protect yourself whilst working on a mobile elevating work platform by using a self-retracting lifeline

Although a mobile elevating platform has a rail all the way around, it is still often necessary to use personal fall protection equipment (PPE) for certain tasks. Many mobile elevating work platform manufacturers prescribe the use of such equipment because according to the DGUV statutory accident insurance association, one of the main hazards when working on such platforms is the possibility of falling off them or being catapulted from them. Using one of our ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifelines (SRL) - specially designed for usage whilst working on a mobile elevating work platform - ensures you are adequately protected whilst carrying out your work. Our ABS B-Lock minimises the force ensuing from a fall to a maximum of 3 kN as set down in the requirements pertaining to anchorage points used on mobile elevating work platforms in accordance with EN 280. 

At the heart of our ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifeline (SRL) for mobile elevating work platforms is a robust spring mechanism that ensures that the sharp-edge tested strap is always extended to the ideal length, i.e. the connection between the anchorage point on the platform (the cage) and the worker is always set at just the right length to ensure that the fall distance is kept to an absolute minimum. If the device is suddenly jerked because the user has misjudged his/her step - or even fallen out of the cage, the self-retracting mechanism kicks in and locks immediately. A high-quality textile energy absorber reduces the ensuing force, thus considerably diminishing the strain exerted on both the user and the work platform.

Our self-retracting lifeline (SRL) is designed for one individual and is optimally protected against wear and damage thanks to its robust, compact plastic casing. Smooth-running rotating brackets at both ends of our ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifeline prevent it from twisting and jamming. The device comes with the required carabiners so that you can use it straight away. The lower carabiner is also equipped with a fall indicator which indicates whether force has been exerted on it, in which case it would need servicing. Not only can we carry out any required maintenance and provide a specialist to complete the mandatory annual inspections of your self-retracting lifeline device, but we can also provide you with all the PPE equipment you need - ranging from safety harnesses to safety helmets.