ABS BorderMark
Weighted-down barrier system for marking the edge of the danger zone on a flat roof

Image showing the stainless steel, laser-etched warning plate supplied with our ABS BorderMark barrier chain
Weather-resistant, laser-etched plate: The warning plate supplied with our ABS BorderMark barrier chain displays a text message and symbols warning those approaching it about the danger zone ahead
Image showing a synthetic ABS BorderMark barrier chain which can be used to cordon off the edge of a flat roof surface
The bright yellow design of our ABS BorderMark barrier chain warns roof workers that there is a dangerous falling edge or fall danger zone ahead

Product information ABS BorderMark

This brightly-coloured barrier chain (black/yellow) serves to mark the edge of a fall danger zone. The chain (8 mm) is made of weather-resistant synthetic material. The stainless steel posts are weighed down using special UV-resistant plastic weights.

  • Stainless steel posts with specially-designed UV-resistant plastic weights
  • Weather-resistant synthetic barrier chain
  • Warning plate (224 x 124 mm)
  • Minimum distance to the edge: 2 m
  • Posts can be placed up to 5 m apart

Find out more about our ABS BorderMark Barrier chain to warn and protect people from falling

Our ABS Bordermark barrier chain system is used to cordon off and mark the position of a dangerous edge on a roof surface or similar where there is a considerable danger of falling off or through. This barrier system consists of stainless steel posts which are weighted down using synthetic weights and a weather-resistant barrier chain made of 8 mm synthetic links. Thanks to its bright colours (black/yellow), the chain is really easy to see.

The ABS BorderMark weights are manufactured from special UV-resistant plastic material. Practical recesses make these weights easy to carry. Protective mats underneath the weights also protect your roof membrane.