ABS CompactForce
Lifeline tensioning element - designed to compensate deviations in temperature

Image showing a traversable lifeline system set up to secure workers working high up near a falling edge
Our ABS CompactForce ensures that the right level of tension in a traversable, stainless steel ABS-Lock SYS lifeline system is maintained even when subjected to great deviations in temperature
Image showing a non-traversable anchorage system: The cable can be tightened up using an ABS CompactForce tensioning element
Our ABS Compact Force tensioning element can be used with any ABS-Lock SYS lifeline system designed to protect workers from lethal falls
Presenting our ABS CompactForce tensioning element in moving images: Watch our short product video to find out more about its most important features!

Product information ABS CompactForce

This stainless steel lifeline end attachment - specially designed for our ABS-Lock SYS (8 and 6 mm) lifeline systems - can be used to compensate deviations in temperature. This tensioning element is made of 316 steel, is equipped with a spring bias and has been awarded national technical approval by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).

  • General national technical approval (German: "abZ"): Z-14.9-786
  • EN 795:2012, C & CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Spring bias with an easily-readable gauge
  • Inspection window allows monitoring of the cable clamping mechanism
  • Counters slack caused by temperature changes
  • One-piece clamping system
  • Easily installed
  • Manufactured completely from robust V4A stainless steel

Find out more about our ABS CompactForce Optimal cable tension all year round - end attachment equipped with a clever spring bias mechanism - specially designed for lifeline systems

Use an ABS CompactForce to keep your lifeline system taut! The high quality spring bias mechanism is used to counter fluctuations in your system as a result of temperature changes (straight cable stretches). The device has a gauge which can be easily read to provide information on the exact tension level.

This tensioning element is pre-assembled prior to delivery which considerably reduces your installation effort. Once the device has been installed and the tension of the lifeline system set, simply pull out the red lever to ensure that your fall arrest system stays set at the optimum tension level.

Another highlight: Thanks to a small inspection window, all you need is one quick glance during installation and system maintenance work to verify that the end of the cable has been pushed in far enough and that it has been attached correctly. Two ABS CompactForce models are available: One that is suitable for 6 mm stainless steel cables and another specially designed for 8 mm cables. Both tensioning device models can be used as an end attachment in any ABS-Lock SYS lifeline system.

Manufactured from highly weather-resistant, 1.4401 grade 316 steel, this tensioning element is also ideal for implementation in harsh environments - such as in coastal regions.

Do you require assistance with planning or installing your anchorage device? Please contact us! Our experienced Service Team will be more than happy to help.

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