ABS DomeFix
Permanently-installed fall-through protection solution for domed rooflights

Product information ABS DomeFix

Simple fall-through protection: Once it has been fixed firmly into place, the stainless steel net of our ABS DomeFix protects individuals from falling through a domed rooflight.

  • GS-BAU-18
  • Ø 2mm mesh rope / Ø 4mm edge rope
  • Mesh size: 100/100 mm
  • Production according to your size specifications
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Find out more about our ABS DomeFix Looking for a fall-through protection system for domed rooflights? ABS DomeFix is your answer!

Falling through a domed rooflight is just as dangerous as falling off the edge of a roof. Permanently installing an ABS DomeFix domed rooflight safety system protects all the individuals who work on your flat roof surface or carry out maintenance work in the direct vicinity of the rooflight from dangerous falls. The stainless steel net of this fall-through protection system is stretched across under the rooflight and then firmly anchored to the building using special aluminium clamps. Should anyone fall through the open hatch or crash through the glass, the net will stop this person from falling any further.

This ABS Safety fall-through protection system (designed according to GS-BAU-18) is suitable for attachment to concrete, wooden and steel surfaces. All the concrete anchors or bolts required in each individual case are, of course, supplied by us - along with the appropriate number of clamps. Always included in the package: A weather-resistant, laser-etched label which contains all the required information on the manufacturer, the system and how to use your ABS DomeFix in an easy-to-read manner.

By way of the Data Matrix Codes (DMC) found on all our newer ABS Safety products, it is possible to identify each individual ABS DomeFix safety system for domed rooflights without getting them confused by simply scanning in the codes using your mobile phone. This facilitates the installation, maintenance and documentation process. And if you use the Safety Check feature, you can check in a matter of seconds when a particular system was last properly checked and approved using your smartphone or tablet. Everything you need to do this is provided in our free Lock Book app.

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