ABS DomeWeb
Mobile domed rooflight fall-through protection solution and anchorage point all rolled into one

Product information ABS DomeWeb

Stretch our easy-to-install domed rooflight safety net across a non-fall-through resistant domed rooflight in just a few simple steps to prevent workers from falling through. The strap that goes around the net to keep it in place can also be used as an anchorage point to secure one individual.

  • EN 795: 2012, B
  • Also based on EN 1263-1:2015
  • GS-BAU-18 [Federal principles for the testing and certification of fall-through protection of components during construction or maintenance work]
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 2 x 2 m for domed rooflights with upstand ≤ 1.5 m
    • 3 x 3 m for domed rooflights with upstand ≤ 2.7 m
  • Easy to install using the strap that goes around it and special ratchet mechanism
  • Incl. storage bag
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Find out more about our ABS DomeWeb How can I secure a domed rooflight to prevent falls?

Alongside falling edges, which are typical fall danger zones, domed rooflights are a frequently underestimated source of danger on a roof surface. This is because although they might appear to be totally stable at first glance, domed rooflights are generally not fall-through resistant and may give way, if accidentally stepped upon. In the worst case, this could result in a fall with fatal consequences. Our ABS DomeWeb lets you secure a domed rooflight so that it is impossible to fall through it during cleaning and maintenance work - simply and efficiently.

Our ABS DomeWeb is a stable and durable safety net that is simply pulled over the rooflight that you want to secure. Our domed rooflight fall-through protection solution is installed by using the strap that goes around it and then tightening it up using a special ratchet mechanism. Loops in the corners make it easier to install and fix firmly in place. In addition, our ABS DomeWeb also serves as a reliable anchorage point for attaching your personal fall protection equipment (PPE) - all in all, an easy-to-install safety solution that not only protects you from falling off the roof but also from falling through your domed rooflight.

We also offer a no-fuss service that will help you with your mandatory annual ABS DomeWeb material inspections: Our safety nets are equipped with additional tracer threads which you can cut off and send to ABS Safety. These tracer threads are then subjected to a tensile test in line with the provisions. If the result is positive, the safety net can be used for another year. Simply use our free and uncomplicated ABS Lock Book maintenance app to comply with your documentation obligation - using your smartphone, tablet or office PC.

Did you know?

Typically, domed rooflights, smoke and heat extraction systems and many other roof areas and components are not fall-through resistant and need to be separately secured in accordance with ASR A2.1 to prevent falls. Please refer to our Fall Arrest Manual  for additional explanations concerning various regulations and technical terms connected with occupational health and safety.

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