ABS DustBrush
Bore hole cleaning brush

Product information ABS DustBrush

Use our ABS DustBrush to remove dust and other particles from your freshly-drilled bore holes. This will make the installation of your anchorage points much more reliable. Our ABS DustBrush is available in two sizes: Ø 20 mm and Ø 24 mm.

  • Bore hold cleaning brush
  • 2 sizes available: Ø 20 mm and Ø 24 mm

Find out more about our ABS DustBrush ABS DustBrush cleaning brush - specially designed for bore holes

Anchorage systems need to be carefully installed, if they are to offer the desired level of safety. This includes cleaning the bore holes made in concrete or masonry prior to using mortar or dowels. Use an ABS DustBrush to remove dust and particles from these holes in just a matter of seconds. This brush is available in 2 sizes to cover a broad range of bore hole sizes: Choose between our Ø 20 and Ø 24 mm models.

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