ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich
Guard rail system - designed for riveting onto a sandwich roof

Product information ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich

This guard rail, which is made of aluminium and stainless steel, is simply riveted onto the profiles of a sandwich surface and is suitable for roof pitches of up to 10°. This high-quality, collective protection system comes with a set of watertight blind rivets which have been awarded national technical approval.

The handrail is 1100 mm high. This guard rail can be implemented as a natural conducting component in a lightning protection system (100 kA) in accordance with EN 62305-3.

  • EN 13374:2013, A
  • Distance between the posts: Max. 2.50 m
  • Specially designed for sandwich and trapezoidal sheeting (positive/negative)
  • For steel plating ≥ 0.45 mm
  • Distance between the holes:: 180/250 mm or 280/333 mm

Find out more about our ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich Guard rail for trapezoidal sheeting and sandwich roofs

A clever way to prevent falls - our ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich roof guard rail system scores top points through its innovative installation technology. The posts of this high-quality aluminium guard rail system are attached to stainless steel base plates which are positioned on top of the sandwich elements and then fixed in place using water-tight blind rivets. This reduces the load on your roof to a minimum as our ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich requires no extra weights!

The total height of our ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich system is 1,140 mm. It comes with straight posts. Once you have set the guard rail system up, it is fixed to the steel panelling using 12 blind rivets per post. Due to integrated seal technology, you can rely on your roof remaining water-tight after installation.

The amount of weight saved through this new ABS Safety guard rail system is huge: As each post only weighs 4 kg, i.e. around 5.5 kg per metre, this guard rail system is a real lightweight champion. The posts are around 90 % lighter than traditional weighted-down solutions.

Thanks to special corner and flexible angular elements, you can easily get around obstacles and bridge height differences - and can adjust the system to ideally fit any roof surface. We also supply an optional toeboard (approx. 150 mm high) which is used to secure the edge, if it does not have a parapet.

Our ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich system has been tested according to EN 13374:2013 as a class A guard rail system, which incorporates various tests, including wind load testing. This means that it remains stable even in gales. In addition, our ABS Guard OnTop Sandwich system can also easily cope with the load specifications set down in ASR 2.1 (technical rules for workspaces).

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