ABS Guard OnTop Shed
Side protection guard rail - designed for installation on a shed roof

Product information ABS Guard OnTop Shed

Lightweight, safe, fits your shed roof perfectly: This high-quality aluminium guard rail is mounted on the bars going across the top of the glass panes. This provides the best possible protection to stop individuals working on the shed roof from falling through the windows set in it. And the installation does not impact the impermeability of the area around the gutters either.

  • EN 13374:2019, A
  • Can be used to protect individuals from falling through the roof whilst the shed is still under construction
  • Virtually no additional roof load as it weighs less than 3 kg per running metre
  • Incl. installation and fleece material to protect the substructure

Find out more about our ABS Guard OnTop Shed Custom-fit guard rail for shed roofs

Choosing an  ABS Guard OnTop Shed means putting your trust in a side protection solution that has been specifically developed to secure windows set in the roof of a shed. This lightweight guard rail scores points through its easy-to-install, roof-friendly design. And you are doubly protected: The system protects you not only after your shed has been constructed but also during the construction phase itself, if needs be - protecting you from the danger of falling through the glass or an open window.

Using the installation materials provided, you can permanently fix our side protection guard rail to the bars across the top of the glass panes - even in cases where the roof windows are slightly sloped. The stainless steel bottom brackets allow you to finely adjust the guard rail so that it exactly matches the slope of the windows.

Simply shorten the aluminium tubes that serve as hand and knee rails to the required length. Or extend and connect them using our handy spreader clamps. You can also integrate segments into the system that open up and then equip these with side protection bars´ accordingly. This lets you adapt the guard rail perfectly to the architecture of your shed roof.