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ABS Installation Set
For lifeline systems and anchorage points

Image showing our toolkit - specially designed for technicians who have to install lifeline systems and anchorage devices
[Translate to EN:] Gut (aus)gerüstet für die Montage von Seilsicherungssystemen und anderen Anschlageinrichtungen.
Image showing a technician installing a lifeline system to protect workers from falling off a roof surface
[Translate to EN:] Auf dem Dach schnell zur Hand: Werkzeugset für Seilsicherungssysteme ABS-Lock SYS.

Product information ABS Installation Set

Complete set of quality tools - specially designed for installing our anchorage points and lifeline systems. Includes a high-quality cable cutter (with reduction gear), torque wrenches and much more and comes in a practical rucksack.

  • Complete toolkit
  • For ABS-Lock SYS lifeline systems
  • For ABS Safety anchorage points
  • Comes in a practical rucksack
  • Incl. cable cutter with ratchet mechanism for single-handed cutting
  • Incl. 4 ratchet wrenches
  • Incl. 2 torque wrenches
  • Inkl. bit set
  • … more tools

Find out more about our ABS Installation Set Anchor installation made easy: Complete toolkit for installing lifeline systems and anchorage points

We have included all the most important tools that you will need to install an ABS-Lock SYS lifeline system or an ABS-Lock anchorage point in our ABS Installation Set. We supply this toolkit in a practical rucksack which you can easily carry on your back on the way up to the roof. Our choice of equipment includes only top-quality products with a long life cycle. 

Our ABS Installation set contains: 

1) Toolkit rucksack, 2) ratchet adapter, 3) adjustable spanner plug-in head, 4) adapter with quick-release chuck, 5) grip pliers, 6) set of wrench sockets, 7) notepad & pen, 8) folding rule, 9) torque wrench 20-120 Nm, 10) torque wrench 4-20 Nm, 11) cutter blades, 12) ABS-Lock X-Durch Sleeve installation aid for ABS-Lock X-Durch anchorage points for concrete surfaces, 13) installation aid (thread protector) for ABS-Lock III-BE anchorage points for concrete surfaces, 14) set of wrench sockets, 15) selection of bits, 16) cable cutter with ratchet mechanism for single-handed cutting, 17) ABS DustBrush cleaning brushes for Ø 20 mm & Ø 24 mm bores, 18) ratchet wrench

Whether you want to securely hammer in an ABS-Lock III-BE support into a concrete surface or shorten the stainless steel cable of your lifeline system to the right length - our practical ABS Installation Set ensures you always have the most important installation tools to hand. And whether you are a roofer, carpenter, plumber or installation technician -  this is all you need, if you want to install your complex, high-quality anchorage devices using professional tools.